Doctrinal Statement

We Believe:

All Scripture is inspired

So we have God's perfect will for our lives in the Bible.

The God of the Bible eternally exists

So we know there is a sovereign creator who gives purpose and meaning to life.

The whole human race is sinful

So we need God to provide salvation.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died on the cross and was raised from the grave

So we can receive the total payment for our sin and eternal life through a living Savior!

Salvation is a work of God

So we need simply to accept it by faith.

There is a ministry of the indwelling Holy Spirit today

So we have the power to live a godly life.

The church is the instrument through which God works

So we belong to a spiritual family that encourages and builds us up.

Jesus Christ may return at any time

So we have the hope of eternal life and a certain knowledge of the future.